Our Story

Siddeshwara travel is a rental service provider for the finest Cars, luxury cars, Buses, Minibuses, and Vans in Bangalore since 1999.  We are one of the  leading luxury car rental service provider in Bangalore for 21 years. Our fleet consists of luxury brand new cars, Minibuses, Van, Tempo traveler, and buses.

Nandisha S, the Founder, and CEO of Siddeshwara travel started rental services in Bangalore. In 1999 his successful story-line of diligence started from one vehicle and, today the company fleet has got more than 60 including luxury cars.

We aim to provide personalized car rental service through highly trained teams at optimum cost. Because our prime motto is to make your journey as smooth as possible by providing hassle-free transportation. Our transparent business policies and customer-centric approach have been instrumental in boosting our popularity over time.

Our benefaction for rental service in Bangalore

Siddeshwara travels provides all the fleet with the following offerings as mentioned below:

  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS), helps to keep a track, especially during emergencies.
  • First aid kit with all the essentials requirements.
  • Cleanliness, Well maintained,  and comfort fleets of all its passengers.
  • Charging point, entertainment electronic devices such as speakers for music and FM (Vans, minibuses, and buses have TV).
  • Well trained professional Drivers and also Background verification process for all drivers are done.
  • Covid measures, hygienic being, and sanitation before and after the ride.

Our service

Siddeshwara travel provides luxury car rental services in Bangalore. Our fleet consist of brand new cars, premium cars, Van, Tempo travelers Mini buses and Buses. We provide well trained drivers, transport supervisors, fleet-in-charge, and the latest equipment and technology. Holiday packages from Bangalore are available at Siddeshwara.

Our team in providing rental service

Our team works efficiently to provide rental service related to this sophisticated travel segment. Simultaneously we understand the requirements of the all the segments. As per requirements all the auxiliary travel services are provided. We also facilitate with 24 hours of backup service through the Customer Service help desk.

Outstanding personal service being our strong point, we assign a well-experienced sales executive to each client. We try to build up their knowledge of specific needs and business-related travel requirements. This not only ensures consistency in the quality of service but also provides us valuable insights for individual requirements.

Why Siddeshwara for rental service in Bangalore

Our organization has well-trained drivers, employees, transport supervisor, and fleet-in-charge. Safety of drivers and passengers being our priority. We are revolutionizing the car rental space through complete transparency, real-time tracking, best-in-class safety and security standards. Our focus is on providing a comfortable, clean & professional service using a multi-dimensional integrated application, continuous improvement (CI) & paperless approach.

We are planning to come up with the multi-dimensional integrated app/portal (driver, employee, transport supervisor & fleet-in-charge) that provides 100% transparency & cutting-edge safety & security standards ensuring on-time service, reliability & integrity.

Coming up soon with application- Stay alter!